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Mar 8, 2019




Taco Bell Arena and Boise State University welcome fan support and encourage fans to arrive early and enjoy food, fun, and the company of their friends at Jimmy Buffett tailgate parties. Remember appropriate conduct is everyone’s individual responsibility; follow all state and local laws; treat fellow fans with civility and respect the property of others.


Boise State University will enforce a zero tolerance policy on inappropriate behavior.   At its discretion, Boise State University may terminate tailgate activities or take other appropriate action against individuals, groups, or organizations whose conduct is irresponsible, unreasonable or inconsistent with Boise State University, City of Boise and/or State of Idaho policies and regulations, ordinances or laws.  Any patron, ticket holder or parking permit holder will be equally held responsible for conduct prohibited by the Jimmy Buffett Tailgating guidelines.  For the safety and enjoyment of all, please keep the following guidelines in mind when tailgating for the Jimmy Buffett concert. 



Within the DEFINED TAILGATING AREA, open containers of alcohol are allowed and people may consume alcoholic beverages from the 'open' hours of 10am to 10pm on March 13th, the day of the Jimmy Buffett concert. Only opaque plastic cups are allowed. Glass containers, beer cans, any type of liquor bottle or cups with alcoholic labeling are prohibited.


Guests who have engaged in excessive consumption of alcohol or other substances may be subject to review by Boise Police Department. Taco Bell Arena reserves the right to deny entry into the event to guests under the substantial influence of any substance.



Please show respect, patience and courtesy toward all parking attendants and security staff. These individuals are here to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience.  Harassment of Boise State University staff may result in the revocation of parking privileges and/or concert tickets at the discretion of Boise State University personnel.



State or local laws regarding use and possession of alcohol will be enforced. Drinking games of any sort are prohibited during tailgating; any activity which promotes consumption is not acceptable.  Fans engaging in public indecency, disorderly conduct, lewd behavior and other violations of state laws are subject to disciplinary action.



  • Albertsons Stadium parking lots will open at 10:00am for those with pre-purchased tailgating parking permits, along with those purchasing tailgating spaces day of show, subject to availability.  A proper tailgating parking pass must be displayed for entry to the lots.
  • The lots will close one hour after the concert, at which time all persons must vacate the parking lots. Boise State University prohibits overnight camping.
  • Vehicles will be allowed to remain in the parking lots until 8:00am. the next day to ensure everyone has a safe ride home.  Boise State University does not operate a taxi service.  Several private taxi service companies will be present after the concert on Bronco Circle.
  • Please keep the drive lanes open for other patrons to park their cars and access for emergency vehicles.
  • Please take only the space you are allowed within the painted parking stall lines – don’t infringe on the space of others or in a space that is unpaid.
  • No throwing of objects (footballs, etc.) is allowed in the parking areas.
  • DO NOT use stakes to secure tents in your tailgate area due to irrigation & electrical lines.



  • Please pack out what you pack in. Please do not dump out your charcoals in the parking lots, grass areas, or in the trash bins. Hot charcoals cause fires!  Unattended barbeque fires will be put out.
  • No open fire pits or bon fires are allowed.
  • Please do not leave trash in the parking lots.  Additional trash containers are located throughout the parking lots for fan use.



Boise State University does not permit unauthorized soliciting or collecting of contributions, vending, distribution of fliers or other promotional or advertising materials on the premises.



Designated parking lots will open for regular (non-tailgating) concert parking at 5:30pm for the Jimmy Buffett concert at Taco Bell Arena.